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Kothai Republic opened in December of 2022 with a simple mission in mind…… “Serve really good food made by people who care, and make people feel appreciated”. The menu is an interpretation of Modern Asian Cuisine seen through the lens of a lifelong native San Franciscan kid. We love what we do, where we live, and the people who make up this amazing place we call home.

“Allow us to be a positive part of your day”

Modern Asian cooking inspired by Korean and Thai flavors

Our Story

Welcome to KoThai Republic. We are located in the Inner Sunset district of San Francisco along the vibrant ninth avenue corridor. The mission here is to serve our interpretation of modern Asian cuisine. We are unapologetically “Asian Fusion” drawing inspiration from Korean and Thai flavors. Our goal for every dish is to create something new, and at the same time incorporate something familiar. Memories of food are remembered by points of reference. A dish that mom cooked at home when you were a child, standing next to grandmother as she stirred the pot, the first bite from a Michelin starred establishment..….. these are everlasting reference points. We hope that something within each of our dishes brings to mind one of these memories or perhaps creates a new one for future food experiences. Our small close knit team works diligently everyday to present the best possible experience for every guest. Kitchen life is hard and exhausting, however nothing keeps our team motivated more than the
smile of our guests and “compliments to the crew”. Come by and allow us the opportunity to show the product of our work. See you soon!!

The Story of

Our Restaurant

Kothai Republic is a Korean restaurant located in the heart of San Francisco. Established five years ago, we are dedicated to serving delicious and authentic Korean food, with a focus on traditional flavors and cooking techniques. Our recipes have been passed down from generations, making each dish unique and flavorful. We offer options for both carnivores and vegetarians alike, with a variety of Korean classics like japchae, bibimbap, bulgogi, kimchi stew and more. For those looking for something unique, we also offer special seasonal dishes that feature ingredients from our carefully curated selection. Whether you’re dining alone or with friends or family, Kothai’s Republic has something for everyone to enjoy! 

Delicious Starter

Kothai Delicious Starters are a great way to add some flavor and variety to your meal. Our starters are prepared with fresh ingredients and cooked to perfection, guaranteeing that your taste buds will be tantalized and delighted.

Share the last Piece

Kothai offers a variety of combos to choose from. Whether you're looking for something light and refreshing or hearty and satisfying, kothai has something for everyone. Share these delicious kothai combos with your friends and family!

Rice & Noodles

Dine in with us for a true taste of Korea! Our classic rice and noodles are cooked to perfection with only the best ingredients, providing an undeniably delicious experience. Treat yourself to something authentically special today!

Noodle Soup

Noodle soup is a delicious and comforting dish that can be enjoyed all year round. It's quick and easy to make, making it an ideal choice for busy days. Kothai Restaurant offers a variety of noodle soups, with something to suit all tastes.

Discover Our

Great Flavors

Kimchi Rice Balls

Kimchi rice balls are a popular Korean snack. The main ingredients used to make this flavorful and delicious dish include cooked white or brown rice, kimchi, garlic, sesame oil, and scallions. 


Thai Spiced Chicken

Thai spiced chicken is a flavorful dish that is prepared with a combination of spices and herbs, including garlic, ginger, cilantro, lemongrass, chili peppers, and cumin. The chicken can be cooked in a variety of ways.



Small Plates

Large plates

Noodle Soup

  • TomYum (GF) 26

    rice noodle, shrimp, pork belly, king oyster, tomato, shallot, sawtooth coriander, soft egg

  • Beef Noodle Soup 24

    beef shank, navel plate, rib meat, sprouts, gai lan, lettuce, fried garlic, chicharron


Menu availability and prices subject to change. *consuming raw meats, seafoods, shellfish, or egg may increase risk of foodborne illness I 20% gratuity added to parties of 5 or more. Please reach us below with a message for party inquiries and special events. Thank you.

1398 9th ave. SF CA 94122, 415-742-4058, kothaisf@gmail.com

What our customers are saying

“A spot worth trying with an explosion of flavors!”

Iosu Bascaran
Iosu Bascaran
Consistent great food and great service. Highly recommended.
Alex Canedo
Alex Canedo
So happy this place opened up! Food was delicious. We got the chicken toast, hamachi, kimchi rice balls, Kobe beef, spicy Korean noodles, and heirloom salad. The staff were so nice too. It was our friend’s birthday and they brought us a delicious apple cheesecake and a bottle of sake to go since we had been ordering it all night. So sweet!
Denise Donaldson
Denise Donaldson
The chef/owner and all of the staff at this lovely restaurant are warm and friendly. The food is delicious and fairly priced. You will leave satisfied and eager to return. The green curry and kimchi balls are fantastic!!
Mark Tang
Mark Tang
Heard really good things about the restaurant, and went for weekend lunch. No wait. Service was attentive, and really appreciate the constant water refills! The food was delicious!!! We weren't too hungry so only ordered two items - both fish dishes. Started with the Grilled Hamachi Collar, and I can't recommend this enough. Meaty collar meat paired with a spicy-tangy breadcrumb knocked it out. It was a pretty large appetizer, with veggies too. Really set the stage for the meal. We shared the King Salmon Hak Maw. Salmon was perfectly cooked, wrapped in cabbage. Sitting in a sauce of green curry, perfect for eating with a bowl of rice. I wish there were more vegetarian options but I can't wait to come back to try more. Highly recommend!
Brandon Shore
Brandon Shore
Great spot. Well executed dishes. Had kimchi balls, bimbinbap and the Korean noodles. Everything game out crazy fast, but worked out great for us. Could be a date night, but better for seeing a friend
Hanim Lim
Hanim Lim
This is a perfect small trendy restaurant on your corner. Reminds me of ny. Food is carefully crafted and the staff are diligently servicing. It's a bright place with large windows so you feel the vibrant city outside the restaurant. The only complaint was that their spicy is surprisingly not spicy. Favorite was ceviche but the cold noodles, you can skip. Ceviche had the most interesting flavor profile and it just had a very fresh seafood opening with a fantastic citrus note finished with a little bit of bitter green that cleaned your palette. Seabeam was also good with nice clean mango sauce that you can really enjoy the mild flavor of seabeam. Lovely flavor combination. Bibimbob was surprisingly good with a very pretty presentation and perfectly cooked veggies. They give you extra sauce so don't put it all in at once. Tom Yum noodle soup was packed with great flavors and perfectly cooked crispy pork and egg. Though for my taste, can be a little less salty. Jowl was good but the noodles were meh. Lacking in flavor for me. Their drinks (non-alcoholic) looked pretty too but we got hot tea instead. Idk how often their menu changes, but def worth checking it out. Was around $40 per person but with drinks would be more. Worth the price tags. We had a giant stroller so they kindly kept it on the back for us. But don't recommend going there with a stroller. Overall food was very pretty and had great flavors that were carefully crafted.
Eunsung Chung
Eunsung Chung
All the food in Kothai is delicious, but I think Tomyam is the best! I couldn't say hello because I was in a hurry to come out, but my mom told me that Kimchi was also the best! It was a delicious family meal. I love this place:)
Hector Garcia
Hector Garcia
First time here The food is delicious The service was top notch, We got to meet the chef from 🇬🇹 Introduce to us by the owner!! Will comback again soon

We Believe

Food Is Important

At Kothai Restaurant, we recognize food is a source of joy for many. We strive to provide you with an exceptional culinary experience that combines fresh ingredients and flavors in a welcoming atmosphere. Whether it be dinner or lunch – there’s something unique everyone can enjoy! Our menu features traditional dishes as well as inventive variations of classic favorites. Join us at Kothai the favorite meeting spot among locals and visitors alike where memories are made over delicious meals!


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